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Why are rural coliving spaces popular?

Why are rural coliving spaces popular? I will try to list 10 reasons, but first…

What is a (rural) coliving space?

Coliving is a modern form of living together in a larger facility where members live together, have their own private or shared rooms, and use common spaces for work (coworking). It is popular in big cities because, among other things, it enables a more favorable life for young people, but a large number of spaces in recent years have sprung up in rural areas, whether it is very small villages or towns far from large centers.

What are the advantages of rural coliving spaces?

1. It’s cheaper

This is probably your first thought. It’s not just accommodation that’s cheaper, but also other things you’ll spend money on – groceries, drinks at a nearby pub, food at a restaurant, local transport, etc.

Danube near Sonta

2. Nature

For some, it may not be an advantage, many people like big cities. However, nature is not just a place to go after work, it is a place where you can do your work.

3. You help the development of the village

If you’re already spending money, why wouldn’t you feel better because you’ve helped someone? Renting accommodation, buying local products, and paying for services can be things that can revive the economy in the countryside.

4. Food

I don’t mean just better or cheaper, but also different. Why not try something new and different, characteristic only of that area, instead of the usual restaurant lunch? You can eat some village specialty that is not made anywhere outside that street, you can get homemade tomatoes directly from the garden or pick an apple from the tree.

You can also prepare food yourself together with other residents of the rural coliving space.

Eating local speciality at Sonta Coliving

5. Different accommodation

As you can see, the focus is still on the word different, in the sense of something you haven’t tried before or is different from what you expected. Rural coliving spaces are mostly created by restoring old country houses or some other facilities for vacations in the countryside, Also, there are some very specific ones which have accommodation in tents in the forest.

How does this sound to you?

6. Different places to work

I already mentioned that nature is not just a place where you can go on a break or after work. It can also be a space for work. There are different ambient classrooms, covered gardens, terraces on the water, courtyards, and spaces in the forest.

Here is one place where we at Sonta Coliving go – River house Tusta.

7. Break time is more interesting

Walking in the forest, swimming in the river, canoeing. Do any of the residents know yoga? Perfect. He or she can use the space in nature for that.

8. Encounters with people and cultural diversity.

You will get to know a completely unusual and new environment and its people. You will learn something new about that region, about the people who live there. You will tell them something about your country. You will realize that you have many similarities and many differences.
You will leave the place with interesting stories, information, and new acquaintances.

Coliving in Serbia
Workshop in Youth club Sonta

9. Some more things to take home

Okay, you can bring home a souvenir from wherever you want, even from the moon. It’s silly for me to state that as an advantage of rural areas. But surely you can bring some authentic and again different products. Let’s just go back to food, for example. You will get homemade ajvar, rakija, smoked fish in a jar, or hot peppers.

10. Fantastic and unique experience

Each rural coliving space is a story itself and people come away with a fantastic experience from each of them.

If you want a quiet place to work in nature, away from the city crowds, Sonta Coliving is the right place for you. The only thing you can hear here is the barking of village dogs and the sound of trains in the distance. In addition to projects, we are also engaged in agricultural activities: we grow fruit, produce wine and brandy, eat healthy homemade food, buy groceries from neighbors, and thus help the village. We organize events and trips to the Danube River; we cook together, hang out and help each other in business. In our village, we use other spaces such as a youth club, theater hall, and many other public spaces.

Booking information can be found here.



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    This insightful article sheds light on the growing popularity of rural co-living spaces, highlighting their unique benefits and sense of community. It’s inspiring to see initiatives that promote sustainable living and foster connections with nature. Kudos to SonTaco Living for championing this innovative approach to modern living!

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