We are currently open for bookings in August and September 2023. 

Booking goes as follows:

  1. Write to us by e-mail who you are, what you do and when you would come
  2. We approve or notify you if this is not possible for some reason
  3. You come

You can pay when you come through your company account or in cash.

What is the price?

Bed for one person in a 6-bed shared room –  One person 380 € per month

Private double bed room with a shared bathroom – One or two persons 580 € per month

Detached private small house with its own bathroom and kithcen – One or two persons 780€ per month

If you do not plan to be here for exactly 30 days, contact us and we can arrange the price.

What is included in the price?

Everything except the food (accomodation, bills, cleaning of common rooms etc).

We share the cost of food and cook together. Regardless, everything you pick from the tree or what we produce on the property is free (eg apples, eggs, figs, grapes, wine, brandy, etc.).