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Erasmus+ project writing meet up in Sonta – Coworking in Serbia

Are you interested in coworking in Serbia? The October deadline for sending Erasmus+ projects is close, and we are all writing them at the last minute, we lack partners and professional support to write them as well as possible. So that writing projects wouldn’t be boring, we decided to get together and write them together, while hanging out, cooking, and helping each other with the project application.

In this way, you will write the project easier, faster, and on time, you will be able to ask people who have worked with the evaluators of Erasmus+ projects what to correct, and you will connect with many people and organizations and make good friends.

What should you know about this coworking event in Serbia?

What is a project writing meet-up?

People meet in the same place, everyone writes their project, but they socialize and help each other. It’s not training. Coworking, but thematic.

Who organizes the event?

The event is organized by Sonta Coliving, led by members of the Center for Culture and Education Sonta, a youth organization with many years of experience in implementing projects for the development of the local community, in cooperation with former employees of the Tempus Foundation, the Serbian national agency for Erasmus+.

Who will be there?

People who used to work at the Serbian National Agency for Erasmus+ (Tempus Foundation) who you can ask for advice regarding your project, young people from our local organization (www.cekos.org.rs) who will write their projects, friends from the village and volunteers from abroad who will hang out with us and prepare food and you.

These are the confirmed experts and the dates of their presence:

Goran Bogunović, ex-Tempus Foundation (National Agency for Erasmus), the experience of informing applicants of KA1 projects – from September 22 to 24

Nikola Dobrijević, director of CEKOS, has experience in implementing KA3/KA1 projects of youth dialogue with decision-makers – throughout the whole of September

Franceska Fornari, an employee at the Vojvodina Volunteer Center, is the contact point for the European Solidarity Corps in Serbia – before the Meet up, 13-14 september 

Nikola Dobrijević
Goran Bogunović


When and where is that coworking event?

When is the Erasmus+ project writing meet up held?

From September 20 to 24, 2023.

Do I have to stay all five days?

No, it is not mandatory.

Can I come earlier or later?

Of course. In the mentioned period there will be people here who worked in the National Agency for Erasmus, but other people will be here sooner or later and write their projects throughout the month. We are a coliving and coworking space where people come for a few weeks. For more information, write to come2us@sontacoliving.com.

Where is the Erasmus+ project writing meet-up held?

In Sonta, a village on the Serbian-Croatian border, in the Sonta Coliving and Coworking space and other surrounding locations

Where will we work?

We will work outside, in nature, and if weather conditions do not permit, we have closed coworking spaces.

How to reach us?

It’s quite simple, by train, car, or plane. You can find more information here https://sontacoliving.com/location/ and you can write to us for more clarifications.

Center of Sonta

Few more questions

Do only Erasmus+ projects have to be written?

It is not mandatory, you can come and write other projects. Eramus+ projects will be mostly written in that period because the deadline for applications is at the beginning of October.

Can I come even though I have no experience in writing Erasmus+ projects?

You can, but please note that this is not a project writing training.

Is this something paid and how much?

Participation in the event itself is not paid, you will only pay for accommodation in the Coliving space if you need it. We prepare the food ourselves and share the costs. You can find more about it here https://sontacoliving.com/accommodation/

The price of accommodation during this event is reduced and amounts to 20 euros per day. If you want to come for a longer period, we also have benefits. You will pay 100 euros for one week, and 160 euros for two weeks. For more information, please email come2us@sontacoliving.com.

Will there be any activities besides writing projects?

Yes. During the three days of the meet-up, we will focus on writing projects, socializing, and preparing food, and Marcelo from Brazil will play the guitar for us. If you stay longer during September, we organize various activities: grape harvesting and winemaking, hiking tours, sports activities, excursions, volunteer actions in the village, etc.


Great idea. How do I apply?

Just fill out this short form and we’ll get back to you. For additional questions, write to come2us@sontacoliving.com.

Sonta Coliving

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