Dorm room
Shared room in Big house

We can currently accommodate a maximum of 10 guests.

In the Big house there are two rooms with beds. One shared room with six beds and one room with the double bed.

In the small house there is additional private accommodation. There are two bathrooms for now, one in a big and one in a small house. Both can be used. There is also one toilet outside.

Private room


It is best to spend time outside. There are many corners in the yard and orchard where you can work. In addition, there is a small coworking space inside the large house and several additional workstations where you can work.




Coliving in Serbia
Lunch time at Sonta Coliving

Food is not included in the price. The idea of ​​coliving space is to make food together and socialize. We share the cost of groceries. We have three kitchens. One is outside.

We eat healthy. There is an orchard on the property, and we also get home-made food from our neighbors and other home-made food producers.

We have two kitchens inside and places outside where we also cook. Occasionally we organize a trip to a restaurant or picnic on the Danube river.

What about the internet?

Sonta Coliving
4G speed tested at our property

We currently have wireless internet. We are still waiting for the installation of optical internet in the village.

The current internet is quite good, it uses the maximum 4G speed available in Serbia. The signal is available even in the wine cellar. If you need to check your mail, use social networks, have video meetings and do it all at the same time, you won’t have any problems. Not for people with more serious desires.


Are there any other spaces we are free to use?

Yes, the spaces we often use are the Youth Club, the local theatre, the River house Tusta on the Danube, as well as many public spaces.