Frequenlty asked questions


  1. How long can I stay?

We expect you to be here for at least two weeks, but for full experience, we recommend one month.

  1. How can I get to you?

You can come to us by plane, car, train, etc. To get more information, go to Location page.

  1. What common areas are available to me during my stay?

You can freely use common areas such as coworking room, kitchens (one indoors and one outdoors), dining room, laundry, and all the spaces that are located outdoors. We have an orchard with a lot of spaces for working, relaxing, taking walks, and simply enjoying nature.

  1. How does it work with the food?

Food is not included in the price. We usually cook together and share grocery costs. If you don’t prefer cooking together or sharing the cost of food, you can do grocery shopping by yourself.

  1. Are there any shops nearby?

Yes, we have a corner shop (350 m from Coliving) and shops and markets all around the village. For bigger grocery shopping, we are going to the nearby town of Apatin, around 15 km from Sonta.

  1. Do you have space for sports events in the village?


  1. Is there a beach or swimming pool nearby?

Yes. In the area around 15 km from Coliving, there are city beaches as well as a spa with summer pools.

  1. Do you have a bicycle in the coliving?


  1. Are there places for hiking nearby?


  1. Is there a rent-a-car nearby?

Yes, there are rent-a-car companies in Sombor (30 km from Sonta).

  1. Are you pet-friendly?

Yes, but keep in mind that we have pets too, and they need to colive in peace, too.

  1. What kind of internet do you have?

We currently have wireless internet. The installation of fiber-optic internet in the village is still pending. The current internet is quite good; it uses the maximum 4G speed available in Serbia. If you need to check your mail, use social media, have video meetings, and do it all at the same time, you won’t have a problem.

  1. What can I do in my free time?

In your free time, you can go hiking in nature, cycling around the village, going to the sports field, or visiting a nearby beach and enjoying swimming. Also, you can help us with gardening, 

  1. Do you organize any events?

During the year, we organize project writing meet-ups, workshops, field trips to the Danube, BQ-s, wine and Rakia making, and many more. In the village and around, we have theater festival, music events, and traditional celebrations. For more information about annual events in Sonta, you can read Quick facts about Sonta, and if you are interested in the tourist events in a nearby town (Apatin), you can find more information here.

  1. Can I pay by card during my stay here?

Yes, but prepare cash (Serbian dinars) for smaller shops, bars, public transport, etc.

For staying at the Coliving, you can pay in many ways (by cash, from account to account, PayPal, etc.), but keep in mind that you cannot swipe a payment card at the Coliving.

  1. Do I pay in advance?

It is not obligatory, but we prefer it if you do, especially for a private room.

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